Machining band saws: Tensioning and straightening

Machining band saws / Tensioning and straightening

These used to be work-intensive manual tasks. VOLLMER solutions enable full processing in just one clamping arrangement.

RC 110

Richtcenter für Bandsägeblätter RC 110 für die vollautomatische Komplettzurichtung
Benching centre for fully automatic processing of band saw blades. For measuring, levelling, tensioning and straightening in a single clamping fixture.

Band saw blade width: 70 to 420 mm

RB 200 and RW 200

RB 200 and RW 200
Leveling bench and rolling machine for the manual machining of band saw blades.

Band saw blade width: up to 400 mm
Blade length 8.5 to 11.5 m (Option: from 5.5 to 18 m)
Gang saw blade width: up to 200 mm