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Manufacturing and machining rotary tools with VOLLMER: Efficient and precise

When manufacturing rotary tools, whether these are diamond-tipped or solid carbide, the grinding process plays the lead role. This is because it determines the tool's level of precision and service life, as well as being the definitive mark of quality.

Metals and lightweight materials are now essential in many industry sectors. These materials, as well as highly abrasive laminates and other materials in the woodworking industry, can only be machined economically by particularly high-performance, high-precision PCD tools.

With VOLLMER machines, tool manufacturers in the erosion market can produce small batches of PCD tools to a very high level of precision. VOLLMER machines also provide fast processing times for producing large batches of solid carbide tools.

Here, you can find an initial overview of VOLLMER machines, which stand for precision and efficiency in tool production: